New ‘Gossip Girl’ Promo Clips!

The CW recently released some new promo clips to satisfy your appetite for GG.

View them here. Courtesy of E!

Gossip Girl returns with an all new season Sept 1st on the CW. Damn that Mother Chucker is so hot.

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‘The Office’ Darryl ‘Pineapple Express’ actor BUSTED!

We all know and love Darryl from The Office right? You know, the quiet and lovable, African american warehouse worker downstairs. He was arrested June 29th in Culver City, California and charged with not one, not two, BUT THREE felony drug charges.

Meth, cocaine, and pot. The actor’s reps had no comment during press time (that’s the worse).

What classic case of irony seeing as though his movie “Pineapple Express” hits theatres this October where he plays a drug runner’s second hand man in a stoner comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco. This just couldn’t have surfaced at a better time.

Poor Craig! looks like this is your last shipment.

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ABDC: Not As Simple As 1-2-3…

The highly anticipated America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 Finale kicks off next Thursday on MTV crowning the new champions of season 2.

For some of us, it feels like deja vu. Recall two of last season’s crews. The B-boys from Cali JabbawockeeZ (cough Super Cr3w) and the cute little all Asian team that loves to “dance with their hands”, So Real Crew(cough Kaba Modern). One things for sure, So Real is so really NOT going to win (come on it’s pretty obvious). MTV is not going to let an all/mainly Asian crew win again. COME ON NOW.

Some claim that America’s Best Dance Crew is rigged and that it should be renamed “The Judges’ Best Dance Crew” because of their tendancy to save ‘weak’ crews. The most upsetting moment in Seaon 2 of ABDC was when the JabbawockeeZ and Kaba Modern (both West Coast crews) were voted in the bottom two right before the finale. Viewers said that MTV put Status Quo up only because they needed diversity in the finale and didn’t want two West Coast crews competing against each other.

Is it true that producers of MTV puppet this show in their favor to bring their ratings up? Tell me what you think.

BY THE WAY: I love when they try to squeeze in advertising time for the Dunkin’ Donuts and Vitamin Water on the show. Golden!

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Project Runway: There’s No ‘I’ In Runway

I was never really a fan of team challenges on Project Runway because when the teams hit the catwalk, that’s when the claws come out and this episode was no exception.

This week on Project Runway, teams of two had to come up a look for actress/model/fashion icon Brooke Shields from the hit show Lipstick Jungle.

It was really a hit or miss situation for the teams. It seems like in team challenges it always turns out to be a double ended sword situation. If your garment sucks and you say something, you may be shut down. But if you don’t say anything at all and your garment sucks on the runway, then the judges will auf you.

Congratulations to Keith & Kenley for the win and Jarell & Stella for the also very fabulous look.

And the best moment in the show goes to Kenley when she barfs out laughing when Daniel starts talking about his “high-end, sophisticated taste level”. Real mature Kenley.

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Tila Tequila: 3 Shots Too Many

After a heartbreaking seaon 2 finale of A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila ending in Kristy (whom Tila gave her “key” to) REJECTING her love, viewers immediatley thought that there would be another season of the ground breaking show about a 5 foot, vietnamese, bisexual looking for love.

This is half true. MTV promptly asked Tila Tequila after the season ended about a possible renewal of the smash hit but she declined gently. Tila told In Touch magazine;

“I’m going to do something else with my life. It’s time to move on.”

It looks like Tila may not be back but that doesn’t mean MTV is giving up. New rumors suggest that MTV will indeed continue the show but this time with a totally new bisexual bachelorette (who could ever replace Tila…) We will just have to see for ourselves. A Shot At Love With ??? is said to air in November on MTV.

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America’s Next Top Tranny??

I have nothing against trannies, lesbians, or homosexuality in general seeing as though I am gay myself but seriously Tyra, what were you thinking?

Isis, the 22 year old receptionist from Maryland is one of 14 aspiring models that long for the title of America’s Next Top Model. The catch? she is a transexual male that claims she was just born into a boys body. I wonder how she is going to walk down the runway in a bikini without his/her DANG DANG floppin’ around.

With crowds that watch ANTM getting younger and younger, listening to how Katy Perry likes to kiss girls and how Lindsay Lohan has gone lesbo, will Isis be accepted and seen as a role model or will she be looked down on. We shall see! America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 airs September 3rd on the CW.

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A Minhtroduction

As Fall lurks around the corner so does a newbatch of tv shows that follow! Here to cover all your favorite tv soaps, trashy reality shows, and gossip is me, Minh 🙂

I will be covering the following TV shows:

Weeds (Showtime)
I Love Money (VH1)
The Hills (MTV)
Project Runway (Bravo)
Making The Band 4 (MTV)

Soon To Come!…

Aug 26 – The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (Oxygen)
Sept 1 – Gossip Girl (CW)
Sept 1 – One Tree Hill (CW)
Sept 3 – Americas’s Next Top Model (CW)
Sept 18 – Survivor: Gabon (CBS)
Sept 22 – Heroes (NBC)
Sept 28 – Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Oct  1 – Pushing Daisies (ABC)
& more!

~Trust your minhtuition

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