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Kim And Khloe Move Into Business and Dance?


Khloe Kardasian was recently a definite ‘yes’ on the new roster of NBC‘s The Celebrity Apprentice set to air early next year. You may know Khloe from E!‘s Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, which also happens to return to tv early of next year.

Will Khloe prove herself and be looked more at than just another glitz and glamour television star?

Game on! Let’s see if the others can keep up with this Kardashian. I’m rootin’ for her all the way! Also, coinsidently Kim Kardashian was recently casted for Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars. Coincident? or a little jealousy? Find out when Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns in January of 2009.

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‘The Hills’ Still Have Eyes Despite Rumors

Despite endless rumors of MTV’s “The HIlls” being a total setup and fake, we all still love to watch our privileged girls prance around Hollywood.

Last time we left off. Lauren has a new job, Audrina tells Lauren she hates Lo. Lo is becoming a kill-joy. Justin Bobby gets a haircut. Heidi is looking to move to Vegas and Stephanie solidifies herself to be a ‘Hills’ main character.

The new season of ‘The Hills’ premieres tonight on MTV and fans are expected a lot out of it. You gotta admit that last season did not keep us as excited as previous seasons did.

-Semi Spoiler-

This season should bring more drama amongst our girls. A sloppy-seconds situation between She-Pratt (Stephanie) and Lauren. Lo causes more destruction. Whitney dating and moving to the big apple? And sissy Montag makes her debut!

Should be exciting!

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Ellen’s Not So ‘Generous’ Wedding


It’s true. About two years ago, Ellen and Portia were asked about plans of a wedding and they said ‘soon’. Well, soon came. Ellen DeGeneres(50) and Portia de Rossi(35) will tie the knot this weekind in California at their $29 million Beverly Hills estate.

The California’s Supreme Court convieniently ruled the ban on gay marriage unconsitutional not too long after their announcement.

The wedding isn’t going to a lesbian extravaganza though . They said they were keeping it small and they meant REALLY small, only having 20 people at this wedding this weekend.

Ellen shares that their key to happiness is that they teach eachother new things about themselves and calls their coming together to be completion.

Congrats ladies.

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Miley Cyrus Dating ACDC’s Adam Sevani?

So heres how the story goes in a nutshell. Adam is a part of ACDC, a dance crew directed by John M. Chu who also did Step Up 2. They challenged Miley and her best friend Mandy aka M&M Cru to an online dance battle over Youtube that went on and on and ended at this years Teen Choice Awards.

Yes it’s as stupid as it sounds. I thought it was a sad attempt by ACDC to get publicity because to be quite honest, last time I checked, ACDC WAS A BAND.

Ok so now there are rumors that they are dating. Miley, who is 15 and Adam who is 16 are said to be “in the early stages of dating”. Nothing else was confirmed by her reps.

One more odd thing. Is it just me or does this new Adam guy have a striking to a resemblance to current ex-boyfriend of Miley?… Nick Jonas wannabe?… See for yourself.

Looks like Miley has a type. I wonder how this one will turn out. I liked Nick better and it was awesome till they lost it… it’s not possible for me not to care. (Sorry had to do that)

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‘The Office’ Darryl ‘Pineapple Express’ actor BUSTED!

We all know and love Darryl from The Office right? You know, the quiet and lovable, African american warehouse worker downstairs. He was arrested June 29th in Culver City, California and charged with not one, not two, BUT THREE felony drug charges.

Meth, cocaine, and pot. The actor’s reps had no comment during press time (that’s the worse).

What classic case of irony seeing as though his movie “Pineapple Express” hits theatres this October where he plays a drug runner’s second hand man in a stoner comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco. This just couldn’t have surfaced at a better time.

Poor Craig! looks like this is your last shipment.

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Tila Tequila: 3 Shots Too Many

After a heartbreaking seaon 2 finale of A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila ending in Kristy (whom Tila gave her “key” to) REJECTING her love, viewers immediatley thought that there would be another season of the ground breaking show about a 5 foot, vietnamese, bisexual looking for love.

This is half true. MTV promptly asked Tila Tequila after the season ended about a possible renewal of the smash hit but she declined gently. Tila told In Touch magazine;

“I’m going to do something else with my life. It’s time to move on.”

It looks like Tila may not be back but that doesn’t mean MTV is giving up. New rumors suggest that MTV will indeed continue the show but this time with a totally new bisexual bachelorette (who could ever replace Tila…) We will just have to see for ourselves. A Shot At Love With ??? is said to air in November on MTV.

~Trust your minhtuition

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